About Chrissy: Senior Year Poem


Chrissy wrote this during her senior year at Warren Hills. It's untitled.


In the corner of her room

sits the rugged cardboard box

filled with a lifetime.

The lid's taped closed

so that all the memories

don't fall out onto the floor,

and get lost, forever.

She pages through a scrapbook

filled with reminders

of what once was, and

then glances over at the suitcases

by the door.

It's her last chance to say no,

her last chance to hold on.

With each page comes

another moment filled with


with each page, falls

another tear.

The cardboard box just sits there,

with no emotion, no life -

but within, the lifetime it holds

struggles to break the tape, and

fights to be opened

What life time is inside is hers,

and what's inside

can only be appreciated by her.

The photographs are more valuable

to her than any photograph by

Ansel Adams, for its her life portrayed in colour.

As she closes the scrapbook she

stands and picks up the old cardboard box.

She picks up her life

and goes on.

To find new photographs,

and memories to be made.

She goes on to

fill another cardboard box.


Chrissy Hartman





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