Photos: Chrissy Hartman-Odorizzi Day of Remembrance
On September 18, 2004
family and friends gathered to share memories and stories and celebrate Chrissy's life.  To view a larger image, click on a thumbnail (small) and it will open on a new page. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page. Thanks to Jennifer Vangolen for these photos.

(l to r) (back to camera) Kim - Chris's friend from KY , Ken, Chris's aunts, Chris's counsin Beth, Mr. Hartman.

Russell and Katie Inscho, Jodee (Davis) Inscho, Katie (Davis) Santoro.

Carole Dicton, Ken Odorizzi (Chris's husband), Ken's brother Anthony, Beth

Mrs. Hartman, Joanie, Charles Odorizzi (Ken's Dad), Joanie's mom (friends from Broadway).


Ken Odorizzi

Chloe Makarick, Lisa (Domeraski) Makarick, Kaelee Makarick

Kim (Belese) Engle, Chris's friend Kim in chair behind, Beth, Aunt Malinda, Jodee, Carole

Kermie Hartman (Chris's brother) and Joelle (Boulin) Buzby.

Chris (Marchello) Correll and Jodee.

Carole and Lisa.

Joelle on the phone with Jill (Uhler) Ward.

Katie Inscho (Jodee Davis's daughter) on left, Elijah (Chris and Ken's son) on the right.

Baby Jake (Chris Marchello's newest family member).

Michaela Correll, Michael Correll, Russell Inscho.


Russ with Will Hayducsko.

Doug Busch with daughter Kaitlyn.

(top to bottom, l to r) Joelle, Jodee, Lisa, Chris, Carole, Jennifer Vangolen.



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